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October 27, 2013 · 11:41 am

Recap 2 – The long neglected blog

Needless to say, I have been so swamped up to my ears until today, that this blog and pretty much everyone and everything in my life has been neglected. How do I feel? A mix of emotions really.

On the one hand, I am so happy to have completed this latest film project, it had so many obstacles and hurdles, it took such sacrifice and pain, but we did it. On the other hand, I feel dejected and alone. I’m reminded what little friends I actually have and how I’m cursed with loving men who don’t have it in them to love me back, at least not in the long run. Meanwhile, another friend has confessed their love for me and I simply don’t have it in me to love him back. It’s depressing and makes me want to go into hiding.

Why is it that when one part of your life is going well, another seems to be falling apart? It’s definitely a funny piece of irony.

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Recap 1 – Fitness

A couple weeks ago, I started a diet/training circuit from personal trainer/fitness model Rachel Elizabeth called “Bikini’s and Boardshorts” which is for someone like me whom is disciplined enough to not need a trainer in person with them, but simply needs a good plan to follow to reach certain goals. My goal: to get more lean. AND, I’m seeing results, which is fabulous.

Check out Rachel Elizabeth at www.causefitness.com

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SLAUGTHERBOX – Official Press Release

10 Gauge Shakespeare AND MOnsterworks66 TEAM UP TO PRODUCE THE PROMO TRAILER FOR SLAUGHTERBOX, a sharp new horror feature by Indie actor/writer/producer Hugh Phoenix Cross.
sbox - market photo 1
Cross’ production company, 10 Gauge Shakespeare, and Maria Olsen’s MOnsterworks66, are currently in pre-production and set to shoot principle photography of the promo trailer in August. Concept art and storyboards are being prepped, casting is underway, and the Box itself is in the final stages of completion.

SlaughterBox is the story of Adam, the first man, and his descendants’ ongoing struggle against the demon Lilith (played by Olsen), best known for her roles in Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Vile, and Paranormal Activity 3. After four-thousand years of his ancestor’s failed attempts to destroy Lilith, the lineage of modern-day Adam (played by Cross) finally catches up to him when his wife and daughter are taken by the ancient demon that is now coming after him.

Adam must choose between fleeing or turning to face his fear, knowing he may not survive the battle. As he implements his monstrous plan to end the millennia of torment that his ancestors endured before him, he finds out there is more to him and his stone faced, ex-military “Subject Six” than he ever have imagined. At the sacrifice of many lives and spilled blood, Adam must transform himself entirely if he is to have any chance of regaining what was taken from him – nothing will stop him from becoming the Creator of the ever-evolving SlaughterBox.

To learn more about this project or to become part of the team, please visit the IGG campaign page. Once there, you must choose between Light or Darkness – it is your fate what you become. Further, this is NOT an ordinary campaign, as 10% of the total contributions made towards the film will be donated to John Walsh’s National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. If 225 people contribute $33, we will meet our goal – help make it happen!

Think Inside The Box: contribute to our campaign and contribute to a cause. Find out how here: http://igg.me/at/slaughterbox/x/3468707
sbox - concept art 1

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Slaughterbox Synopsis – Not your typical Horror

What do you think of when you think of horror movies in general? Mostly just scary, bloody, or both. Maybe some sex and boobies too. LOL. BUT, every once in a while there’s a horror that has an interesting and compelling story too. Personally, I’m a fan of the older stuff like Rosemary’s Baby and Deep Red.

This film to be is not a typical run of the mill either.

Here is the synopsis:

It is a horror story about the first man and his descendants’ ongoing struggle against the demon Lilith, the psychological rebirth it entails, the bloody “tests” involved, and the final plan to end it all.

Take a moment to check out this link: http://igg.me/at/slaughterbox

There are cool perks/incentives starting at just $9 and if 225 people joined in for just $33, the goal would be met.

This is a story worth seeing.

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Slaughterbox Movie Trailer Promo

The time has come! This morning a friend of mine launched the campaign to crowd fund this movie trailer promo which is a project dear to his heart.

Being an Indie Filmmaker is tough, even with all the junk flying around out there, and good movies only few and far in between. This project, however, is a gem and we want to bring as much attention to it as possible.

Without giving too much away, this is a horror, but not a typical one. Yes there’s blood and guts too. But it is also very much about the struggle of good and evil as well as redemption in unexpected ways. The link shares more of the details.

Check out the video! Check out the perks! And SPREAD THE WORD! Thanks :)

http://igg.me/at/slaughterbox …details & perks on this Indiegogo link.

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Waking up in a sweat

It has been a long time since I’ve had a real nightmare. A LONG time. But, alas, it was time again.

Let me just say that first of all, I am not a zombie fan. Never have been, probably never will be. I do not dislike zombies, they just have never been particularly scary or fascinating to me in any way. Thus, I am indifferent in general.

With that being said, my nightmare was about demon zombies. Ha! Yes, DEMON zombies, that did not fit the general information of what we know about zombies. Let me explain:

These demon zombies sleep. In the earth, in the water, and they can even move/sleep underneath the skin/bark of trees. Freaky weird. On the upside, they stay asleep and non-threatening unless there is blood spilling from an open womb. The smell of the blood wakes them up and they become determined to feast upon wherever the blood is coming from. Their eyes glow red, their faces evil and angry, and their body parts are not falling apart.

I actually don’t remember too much of the dream anymore except the bit before waking up in a sweat. I was in the middle of a school courtyard that had a field to the side and a lake to the other. Someone whom I was trying to get away from was threatening me and saying something about the demon zombies. Next thing I know, this mystery someone cuts their own arm and starts waving their arm around spilling blood everywhere, laughing hysterically at the same time. Within moments, I hear something stirring and look over to the lake where several demon zombie heads start popping up out of the water, there are many, eyes glowing fierce. I start to back away when I see forms of bodies rising from the earth. At this point I run, thinking to climb a tree, except when I look back, the person who had cut themselves was at the top of a tree and I could see several bodies of demon zombies moving underneath the bark of the tree, climbing, to get to them. Somehow I manage to climb to the top of an electrical pole not knowing where to go. It was around this point that I woke up.

Demon zombies…definitely scary. lol.

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